What I read on the web

An Introduction.

Someone asked what I read online, so I figured I’d just write it up here. The full list can be found on del.icio.us (tagged blogroll).

  1. Jon Udell
  2. Jon has a lot of interesting things to say about technology and the internet in general. Here are a couple highlights.

    Hosted Lifebits Scenaris
    The Blurred Line Between Personal Information Management and Publishing
    Social Networks Then and Now

  3. Jeff Atwood
  4. Jeff is a recent addition to my reading list. He writes about stuff that I’m interested in as a programmer. It’s generally pretty accessible though.

    Computer Workstation Ergonomics
    Classic Computer Science Puzzles
    You’re Probably Storing Passwords Incorrectly

  5. Rashmi Sinha
  6. Rashmi talks about cognition on the web.

    A Cognitive Analysis of Tagging

    Looking through her posts, that’s the only thing I can find to recommend to a broad audience. Look through and see if you find anything interesting.

  7. A List Apart
  8. A List Apart just has a lot of good stuff to say about web design.

    Reviving Anorexic Writing
    Never User a Warning
    Better Writing through design

  9. Brian Oberkirch
  10. Another recent addition. He writes about the social web. I like what he writes as I continue to think about the future of the People of Praise on the web.

    Designing Portable Social Networks
    Designing for Hackability

Slashdot is worth looking at at least once.

These two guys are worth reading and are excellent writers.
Joel Spolsky
Paul Graham

The #1 Paul Graham essay I recommend people read: Beating the Averages

Holding a Program in One’s Head
A Plan for Spam

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